Coach Jordan

Jordan Cornnell is an accomplished basketball coach with a passion for helping players of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential. He got his start in basketball skills training while attending a division 3 college in New York, where he quickly discovered his love for the game and for teaching others how to improve their skills while working with the men’s team. 

After graduating from college, Jordan helped build the basketball training program at the Schottland Family YMCA in Rochester, NY. This YMCA is the second largest in the country, and under Jordan's guidance, the basketball program grew and thrived, providing young athletes with the opportunity to improve their skills and develop a love for the game. 

In 2021, Jordan moved to Lawrence, Kansas, where he worked as a skills training intern at 90.10 training. During his time there, he had the privilege of working with some of the best basketball players in the country, including a majority of the 2022 national championship Kansas Jayhawks team, as well as players from other D1 schools such as Alabama, Oklahoma University, and Kansas State University. He also worked with a few NBA players, helping them refine their skills and develop their game. 

Jordan's coaching philosophy is focused on individual skill development and creating a strong team culture. He believes that every athlete has the potential to improve, and he is committed to helping his players reach their goals. Jordan's coaching style is energetic, positive, and encouraging, and he creates a supportive environment where athletes feel confident to take risks and learn from their mistakes. 

Now, Jordan is excited to bring his skills and experience to All American Indoor Sports, where he is starting his own training program focused on youth development between the ages of 10-18. He is passionate about creating a supportive, positive environment where young athletes can develop their skills, build their confidence, and learn to love the game of basketball. With his years of experience, positive attitude, and dedication to the sport, Jordan Cornnell is a coach that any young athlete would be lucky to work with.