Hoop Twins Skills Academy

8875 Rosehill Rd Lenexa, KS


At Hoop Twins Skills Academy, our passion is to cultivate the boundless potential within every aspiring basketball player. Founded and led by experienced head trainers Jordan and Dante Cornnell, each boasting over 5 years of dedicated training at the college level, our academy is committed to molding not just exceptional athletes, but also nurturing an enduring love for the game. 

Our mission is simple yet profound: To empower athletes to excel both on and off the court. Through expert guidance, personalized coaching, and a holistic approach to skill development, we aim to transform raw talent into refined prowess. We believe that basketball is more than just a sport; it's a vehicle for character-building, teamwork, and personal growth. 

At Hoop Twins Skills Academy, we recognise that every player is unique, possessing distinct strengths and areas for improvement. Our training methodology is tailored to cater to these individual needs, ensuring a comprehensive enhancement of skills spanning from fundamental techniques to advanced strategies. With an unwavering focus on continuous improvement, we instil in our athletes a mindset that thrives on challenges and embraces the journey to mastery.